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Love To Dream Inventa 0.5tog Sleeping Bag Reveiw

I previously mentioned in my Newborn Essentials post that swaddling Noah was they sure-fire way to help him sleep at night. So much so in fact he was still bein swaddled at 4 months old.

So come July/August when the typical British summer decided to show its face, I felt it was too hot to keep him swaddled. Even in a sleeveless vest and nappy using a muslin swaddle, our trusty Gro Egg was glaring red at us (meaning the room is way too hot) despite having the fan on and all the bedroom windows open and the bathroom ones in some vague attempt to create a cross breeze. Still in my newborn fog (this is a legitimate problem I would like to blame for the next 17 years at least!) I would sit on the edge of the bed looking into the moses basket and winge at the Gro Egg off saying things like “yes I know your saying the room is too hot, but wtf do you want me to do about it, I can’t do anymore!”.

I decided enough was enough and we were just going to go cold turkey, because swaddling at 4 months old was just ridiculous! With the swaddle off it was just a complete disaster, non of us got any sleep. When Noah’s tired he has very obvious cues. He clasps his hands together in front of him and fiddles with them.


This is what he did when he wasn’t swaddles in his Moses basket. However he would do this with his hands above his face whilst laying down. Resulting in every time he would nod off, his hand would drop and hit him in the face, wake him up, and thus repeating the whole cycle again….. throughout the whole night. Not only this but he kept wriggling under his muslin blanket making me paranoid he was going to suffocate.

After pretty much zero sleep on the first night of going cold turkey I went shopping to a local retail park in a bid to get him to sleep in the pushchair. I was idly mooching in TK Maxx ( those who know me will know that this and their sister store Homesense are my favourite shops. Ever!) in the baby section. I saw the Love to Dream Inventa 0.5tog sleeping bags and picked one up straight away!

61lC-p8vXRL._SX522_Available here

Its super soft cotton, not scratchy at all. It has zipper vents across the middle (where the stripes and stars meet, which is a breathable mesh material), the vents being open reduce the tog rating from 1tog to 0.5tog. Genius! something that we found incredibly useful was the velcro seatbelt hole. With Noah being so small still, he was still in the blissfull stage of being able to fall asleep anywhere. We could take him out to dinner in his sleepsuit (or vest depending on how hot it was) ready for bed, and pop his sleeping bag on at his last bum change before he fell asleep. We could trasfer him into the car seat, and into his moses basket without waking him up.

Even though Noah will be 13months in 3 days, he still fits perfectly in the 6-12month bag, and im hoping that it will last him a little longer, or at least until i find them again in TK Maxx in the next size up. But i think we will be ok unless we have a mammoth growth spurts on our hands!

Thankfully after 4-5 nights, Noah was adjusted to not being swaddled, and slept happily in his sleeing bag. I’m not going to lie, those nights we had very little sleep between the constant wake ups, but in the grand scheme of things they were worth it in the end. For any mama’s out there who are trying to unswaddle their baby, hang in there! There are lots of transitional methods instead of going cold turkey like us. As a mum, you will know which way will work best for your baby, you, and your sanity!

I should add in really that this in not an official review of the Love to Dream products, nor was I approached by the company to do a review. I didnt recieve the product free in return for a review. I’m just a firm believer in sperading the word when im impressed with a product, and think it is worth every penny.

Thanks for reading

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