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My new go to moisturiser

Now when it comes to skin care, I’m your typical girly girl and in my time have all sorts of products that have beed left in a cupboard unused after the first few uses. My skin still hasn’t sorted itself out post baby, and I would say I’m a spot prone sort of person with combination skin.

Post pregnancy I took myself off to Boots one baby free evening (whist noah was with Daddy for a couple of hours) and scoured the aisles hoping that something would jump off the shelf and fix my skin. It didn’t! but i did come across the La Roche-Posay Effaclar range.

I brought the Effacer MAT priced at £14.50. Boots quite often do offers on their premium brands. i think at the time i brought this, there was 1/3 off. Now, the vast majority of moisturisers leave my skin feeling oily, and quite shiny. This moisturiser didn’t. It wasn’t heavily perfumed, i presume because they advertise as being suitable for sensitive skin, and went on very smoothly, leaving my skin feeling silky, yet mattified. My skin stays hydrated throughout the day, and my make up sits will on top of it.


find it here.

 I had previously tried many moisturisers including:

But non of them were suiting my skin at all and in fact all of them left with with break outs apart from the La Roche-Posay. It is safe to say that from now on (well until baby no2 comes along at some point) ill be sticking to this little gem.

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